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General PLATO News

  • Soon to be available ... A Terminal Emulator for Android: PLATOTerm!
    As a way of giving back to Cyber1, which is something we rarely see, one of our users has been working in a frenzy to create a native Android terminal emulator written in Java (naturalyl). Keep watching here for updates.

  • PLATO V / PPT Terminals on display at the Living Computer Museum!
    When you visit the Living Computer Museum be sure and ask 'Where are the PLATO terminals?'

  • FutureWar has returned and it's on Cyber1 now!
    40 years since it made it's first appearance, FutureWar is available again for you to explore !

  • Get your own PLATO system!
    Tom Hunter has made available a release of DTCyber, NOS, and PLATO. Get a signon, login, and read about it in notesfiles "dtcyber", "pbnotes", and "ptermdev".

  • Micro TUTOR resurrected!
    Not yet on Cyber1, as we need to get some integration code from others, but Dale Sinder has done some great work getting some mainframe sided changes made and some huge enhancements to Pterm to support this great piece of history. We hope to see this in 2018 on Cyber1... For now, login, read some notes and possibly visit Dale's PLATO system.

What's new on cyber1?

To help newcomers and returning old-timers to our system we have started creating screen-capture videos.

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Cyber1 Introduction
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Empire Space Battle
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TUTOR "hello world"
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Empire Space Battle / Head-2-Head
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Empire Tournament #4 (clip 1 of 24)

Recent events:

  • 11/24/2017 7pm VAVATAR RESET!   Vavatar, aka the 'Lunatic Fringe' version of the popular Avatar series of role-playing dungeon games, will occur on November 24, 2017. If you want to keep in the loop please signon and read the notesfile 'vavatnote'.
  • Ongoing Avatar journeying... 3 versions of the game, "2avatar" for the original, "Zavatar" for the updated game, and "Vavatar" for the "lunatic fringe".

Older events on cyber1:

  • 12/31/2016  11/25/2016 6pm VAVATAR RESET!   Vavatar, aka the 'Lunatic Fringe' version of the popular Avatar series of role-playing dungeon games, will occur on November 25, 2016. If you want to keep in the loop please signon and read the notesfile 'vavatnote'.
  • 11/30/2013  VAVATAR RESET!  The reset of Vavatar occured slightly late, at 6:45pm Pacific Time on November 15, 2013.
  • 8/31/2013  EMPIRE RESET!  The reset of records for Empire, occured at midnight on July 31, 2013. Got team? Please be sure and read up in "empirenote" on changes to Empire recently. We have 6 versions of the game on Cyber1, dating from a "last edited" 1977 version.
  • 8/31/2013  A relatively new weekly event, dubbed GriffWars, is being conducted most Sundays, and some Friday nights. Some call it 'Friday Night Fights', but Sunday has shown to have more attendees. This week's battle lasted 4 hours. Show up in Empirenote to read what the plan is and get involved. Don't like Bugs? Fine, come see if you can stomp some. Got a chip on your shoulder about Faz? Get revenge! But these are Friendly Fights, intended to rekindle fun in the game, bury the old hatchets of the past and warp devastation on the other team.
  • 6/3/2010  50th Anniversary of PLATO conference at the Computer History Museum, June 2-3, 2010. Speakers Donald Bitzer and Ray Ozzie. More info here.
  • 6/15/2010  A limited edition run of PLATO 50th Anniversary commemorative shirts is ready for pre-ordering at Pete Zelchenko's Homepage. These will be black mock turtlenecks with the famous "Press NEXT to begin" type down one sleeve, and some form of commemorative logo. Please order immediately, since there is a limited time (conference starts June 2, 2010!), before the PLATO@50 conference and our budget is very small for this.
    PLATO@50 Patch
  • 12/31/2017  Do you have 9-track tapes from old backups from a PLATO system? We want to preserve what we can, but we need tapes, printouts, ASCII text files, etc! This is a call for code! We are serious about not only providing a classic appearing (though super-fast) "Plato" system, we also promote preservation of hardware and software. This bears repeating: Do you have printouts or text files that contain TUTOR lessons (programs)? We'd like to help you get those back on-line. Tapes we can load, ASCII text can be uploaded, printouts - well, we can give you lesson space to type it in (sorry we are not secretaries). Please get signed on and drop a note in 'request' or 'psonotes'! Let's save these gems before they are gone forever.
  • 12/14/2009 11:59:59 PM  We are always on the lookout for old original PLATO equipment. Several of our users are keenly interested in collection and restoration of terminals and other PLATO hardware.
  • 12/5/2009  The 4th Cyber1 Empire Tournament ended at 2pm Pacific (GMT-8) with a win by the Federation (a.k.a "evil") over the Kazari (a.k.a "good"). The game went the full 4 hours. Empire cryptkeeper and ombudsman Steve Peltz comments, "I believe that was the first one to go the full time without a knockout (and we had no problems with people dropping out or anything either). The kill records show the reason: evil won 54% of their fights (542 - 460). 19 engine deaths, 2 planet deaths, just over 1000 ships killed and a bit over 1600 armies bombed."
  • 12/5/2009 1:00:00 PM  Empire Tournament underway NOW! Will end at 2pm Pacific time (GMT-8). Video will be posted of highlights from the battle later. Be ready for the next tournament and register for a signon and get those skills sharp!
  • 12/5/2009 9:00:00 AM  Empire tournament! Register for a signon and get practicing! See notesfile "empirenote" for more info.
    WHEN: Saturday, December 5
    TIME: 10am System/Pacific Time (Noon Central)
    DURATION: Four (4) hours or when the last planet is EATED

What is is a group of people dedicated to the preservation of the world's first computer-based community, PLATO.

PLATO is a computer-based educational system created at the University of Illinois Control Systems Laboratory. The idea was first discussed at the University in 1959, in a long series of meetings led by Chalmers Sherwin. At these meetings it was concluded that computer-based education should not be pursued. However, the director at the time, Daniel Alpert, got together with Donald Bitzer to see if Don could quickly come up with a prototype that could serve as proof-of-concept. This prototype, running on an Illiac-I, became PLATO. The project was subsequently funded in 1960 by government money from the Joint Services Program. The lab grew and became the Computer-based Education Research Laboratory (CERL). PLATO eventually spawned a variety of commercial ventures, starting in 1975 with Control Data Corporation (CDC), a mainframe computer manufacturer founded in 1957.

The complicated histories of the various branches of the PLATO tree are beyond the scope of this website. One of the branches became CYBIS, a product of VCampus; another branch is owned by PLATO Learning, the company that retains the right to the PLATO name; a third became NovaNET, now owned by Pearson Education. Our system, cyber1, is a branch off of the CYBIS tree.

What is cyber1?

Cyber1 is the name for our mainframe-based CYBIS system. To those familiar with PLATO, CYBIS, or early NovaNET, cyber1 will feel like coming home again. Cyber1 runs on top of NOS, the CDC mainframe operating system, generously contributed by BT Consulting & Systems Integration Services (formerly Syntegra). NOS in turn runs on top of DtCyber (watch out, this is a link to a .pdf), a software emulation of a CDC Cyber mainframe, created by Tom Hunter.

What is the purpose of

The purpose of is to create a community—a living archive—on our system, cyber1. The goals of this community are:

  • to preserve a sense of the community that permeated PLATO, CYBIS, and NovaNET,
  • to capture information about the development of this amazing piece of software history before the people who created it are gone,
  • to heal and bring together a community that over the years has become fractured,
  • to have fun.

Some ways for a typical user to accomplish the above goals are the following:

Become proficient with and use the system communication tools: notes, pnotes, notesfiles, and term-talking. Browse through the notesfiles on a regular basis, and get involved in discussions. If there are 30 of us, and every user writes a note or two per day, pretty soon we'll have quite a cool little community.

If you are an old PLATO/CYBIS/NovaNET programmer or courseware developer, you hold a special place on cyber1. Please contribute to chronicle. Chronicle is a notesfile where each base note corresponds to a lesson. If you were the author of, or associated with, a certain file or group of files, e.g. 0mcalc11, notes, or empire, start a note that records any information, stories, problems, etc. that were associated with the development of that little piece of history. Don't worry if it is boring. Entertainment is not the primary purpose of this notesfile. History is full of records that were thought boring or mundane by those doing the recording.

Because the goal is to create the community on the system itself, this website,, will remain small and simple.


PLATO: Donald Bitzer

CYBIS System: VCampus

Desktop CYBER: Tom Hunter

NOS 2.8.7: BT

Legal: McQuaid Bedford & Van Zandt LLP

Main Attractions (in alphabetical order)

Avatar: Bruce Maggs, Andrew Shapira, David Sides; later work by Tom Kirchman, Greg Janusz, Mark Eastom, Kevin Maxson, Chris Alix, John Hegarty, Felix Ortony

Camelot: Josh Tabin

dnd: Gary Whisenhunt, Ray Wood, Dirk Pellett, Flint Pellett

Empire: Chuck Miller, Gary Fritz, John Daleske, Silas Warner, Jim Battin

Moria: Kevet Duncombe, Jim Battin

Oubliette: Jim Schwaiger, John Gaby, Bancherd DeLong, Jerry Bucksath (view monster list)

Sorcery: Don Gillies, later work by Kurt Mahan and Andy Weise (created by Jim Mayeda)


Friends at VCampus: Nat Kannan, Christopher Nelson, Deborah Colella, Pam Hess

Friends at Syntegra: Thomas Kennedy, Jim Kubiak, Joann Swoboda

Friends at Telswitch: Aaron Woolfson (authentic terminal restoration and PLATO keyboard enthusiast)

Website Design: Wil Voss

System Staff (GROUP 's')

Consultants: Steve Peltz (steve at

Operations: Mike Cochran, Bill Galcher, Paul Koning, Steve Peltz, Paul Resch, Joe Stanton, Steve Williams, Steve Zoppi

Programming lead: Paul Koning (paul at

Network: Mike Cochran (mike at

Webmaster/Registrations: Joe Stanton (joe at

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