Donations are Welcomed currently runs on a wealth of goodwill from a variety of people, none of whom are very wealthy. It would be downright splendid to receive contributions, and we'd love to be able to thank our contributors publicly.

    These donate links will go to the operator of the Cyber1 mainframe:  
    This donate link will go to the operator of the website:  

You can contribute a donation via your Paypal account, or with a major credit card (using Paypal as the transaction processor - don't worry it's safe and secure and WE pay the transaction fees) using one of the buttons above.

Don't trust the button? Simply browse to PayPal and fill in the amount, and be sure and send to us by specifying by our PayPal account address ''.

Please let us know if you do NOT want us to publicly credit your contribution on cyber1.

We looked into creating a non-profit organization to ensure the stability and future of However we found that the cost and overhead in time waould be excessive. So we have decided to keep Cyber1 as a semi-public hobbyist oriented resource.

We would be willing to reopen discussions of forming a non-profit Cyber1 if we could obtain committed backing from successful individuals and companies in the high-tech arena, many of whom had their start either with PLATO/CYBIS/NovaNET or with ideas that were born in P/C/N.